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Toy Tonics

Lost Gomma Mixes (2022 Remasters) (12" Vinyl)

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This is a very special EP. As many might know Toy Tonics started as a sublabel of now sleeping German indie dance label Gomma records. Gomma, along with DFA, Output Records and a few other was knownn for a very ecclectic, different approach in dance music.

On this LOST GOMMA MIXES EP you find 4 now lost tracks that came out ca 10 - 20 years ago on Gomma, but fit very well in today’s zeitgeist again, remastered. Pete Herbert, In Flagranti, Jacques Lu Cont are featured. Who knows about modern disco - knows these producers.

And there is a very special name here too: Nicky Siano. The now legendary New York DJ used to be resident at Studio 54 and other legendary NYC venues of the 1970ies and 1980ies. One of his are remix works was for the Gomma records band The KDMS. Pure disco euphoria.

releases March 4, 2022

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