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Toy Tonics

Lost Toy Tonics Mixes (12" Vinyl)

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Folamour, Demuja, Pontchartrain, Mangabey on one EP? Yes!

Toy Tonics come up with the LOST TOY TONICS MIXES EP. These tracks came out over the last years on Toy Tonics as digital releases or bonus tracks. As they had such a great feedback now they come together on a 4 track vinyl.

Folamour’s remix of french producer Mangabey was one of the biggest stream hits of both (4 mio plays till now on Spotify). Demuja made a whole Toy Tonics EP 3 years ago that pushed his career a lot... "Brissy" was a key track. Felipe Gordon made 2 EPs on Toy Tonics, but the Pontchartrain remix was released only as a bonus digital remix.

release April 8, 2022