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Toy Tonics

Sam Ruffillo - Brooklyn Tapes EP (12" Vinyl)

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The new Toy Tonics comes from Italian disco producer Sam Ruffillo.
He teamed up with two friends from Brooklyn who contributed the sick vocals to the 4 songs. And the result is kind of magic!
Deepest street funk and Low rider Hip House in a 1990ies vibe - but still 100% up to date sounding.
You can play this in a house or in a hip hop set and all tracks will create euphoria. ‘Just fine’ could be a radio hit for sure. But also the other tracks make you immediately move.. without being any cheesy or tacky. Just deep & funky.

Maybe Sam & his New York buddies are a magic combination. Sam comes from Sicily and released three EPs till now.
The recent Italianissimo 1 + 2 EPs got a big scene buzz. Played by DJs like Gerd Janson, Blessed Madonna and Pete Tong.
Ruffillo’s very individualistic Italian organic disco with Italian vocals (by Ninfa) made him quite known not only in Italy (where one of his songs is getting big in pop radios) but also internationally requested. As a DJ but also for production for other singers (Kosmo Kint, J. Lamotta).

Ruffillo is not just an excellent DJ and Studio wizzard, but he also is a musician. (No samples needed).
album released: 20.01.2023